Bird Flu And The Relation To Human Beings

Avian influenza virus causes bird flu. There are many kinds of bird flu but the most dreaded nowadays is the h5n1 bird flu virus. This virus is found in wild birds though some of these birds may not get sick from the virus instead they could infect other birds especially the ones that are being breed for human consumption.

Does humans get affected by bird flu?

Humans normally cannot get infected by the virus from birds but recently there are reports where a number of people got sick from bird flu. Reports of this virus infections come from Asia. People who have had close contact with farm raised birds got infected of the virus. According to studies the h5n1 virus may eventually spread throughout the globe.

Wild birds that are carrying the virus could easily infect farm-raised birds and these birds could easily spread the virus to hundred thousands of other birds. The only way to stop the virus from spreading is to kill all the infected birds. People can get infected if they come into contact with an infected bird such as chickens, ducks, and turkeys. People can also get infected if they come into contact with an infected bird dropping, infected bird saliva on trucks and other farm equipment.

According to research this virus are passed on from an infected individual to another not through an infected bird to human. Research also said that the virus could easily mutate and be spread easily from one person to another. If this happens the h5n1 virus could become deadly to humans since this type of virus can cause severe illness to humans compared to other flu viruses. Statistics have shown that even though there were just a few hundred cases of h5n1 infected individuals reported more than half of them have died.

Symptoms of the infection

Symptoms of this condition appear the same as the common flu such as body pain, fever, coughing, and sore throat. Treatment of bird flu infection depends on the symptoms most of the time antiviral medicine is given by a health professional. Infected individuals are required to be admitted in a hospital and be put in an isolation room to help prevent the spreading of the virus to others. Vitamins and supplements to help boost the immune system are also recommended to avoid any illnesses such as this.

Flu Treatment

Regretfully the only method to stop the virus would be to eliminate the birds and animals. You’re possibly asking yourself how in the daylights do humankind get corrupted with H5N1. Well this is where things get a tiny gray and unfamiliar. With the human flu virus we know that folks get contaminated from inhaling it or even coming in contact with a surface area with it and then touching their face.

With H5N1 some individuals have caught it through touching infected birds. There have been accounts of folks getting the pathogen from inhalation and also bathing in polluted water. More bad news is that there has been cases where an individual has caught the virus from another person.

The good thing is that the human to human infection has been very rare, however are you able to see exactly what everyone is frightened of.

Influenza virus is a tough bugger and it adapts. This is one good reason that it has survived for such a long time. As the saying goes adjust or kick the bucket right?

It’s additionally a reasons why you may get the influenza vaccine and 2 weeks later the vaccine could possibly be totally worthless since the pathogen has changed. Oh yea and there exists a 40% probability that the vaccine could not work, and there are hazards involved. Whenever you put something unknown like a deceased influenza virus within your body, you’re putting yourself at risk.

The main fear with bird flu is that it can change and cross over to being human to human infections. This would mean a whole lot more people might get this pathogen just like the typical flu. Seriously how many individuals actually come into contact with birds as it is? Yea nobody and that’s the reason why H5N1 while hazardous, isn’t nearly as detrimental as it can be if it were human to human contact.